Cycle Me

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Polina and Vladimir Mordvinovs. The models are Tava, and Daria signed at The Lab Models. Make up and hair by Nicole Melillo and Cecilia Olmedi. Styling by Arman Avetikyan.

Photography by Polina and Vladimir Mordvinovs / Instagram: @paulmordvian @boboscamera
Models are Tava, Daria signed at The Lab Models / Instagram: @_itstava @daryavrr @thelabmodels

Muah Nicole Melillo, Cecilia Olmedi / Instagram: @nicolemelillo_mua @ceciliaolmedi
Styling by Arman Avetikyan / Instagram: @arman_avetikyan_ @froy_club

Fashion credits:

All the outfits were made directly on the model during the shoot. Perform by the designer Arman Avetikyan. Still-lifes were made from the same samples.

Polina (b. 1995) and Vladimir (b. 1985) Mordvinovs are independent visual artists working with photography, collages, sculpture and AI.

The central theme of all the projects is language, the ecology of communication, ecology of consuming information. Their professional activities are devoted to personal projects that are centred on the research of real/imaginary, natural/artificial. They explore chaos and chaotic structures, cyclicality, patterns and their repeatability and scaling of them.