DAMBALA is a KALTBLUT exclusive film and editorial by Bell Soto. The model is Aaron. Bell Soto is a Peruvian Photographer/ Director based in New York. He combines his volunteer work with film and photography for Social Justice in Latin America and in the US. through organizations such as Immigration Equality ( US ), Minga Peru, and the LGTBQ centre in New York.

Bell Soto says about the film: “Dambalah” was inspired by the god of the same name, who is one of the most important spirits/gods of Haitian Vodou and African diaspora religious traditions.

It is often vilified and associated with witchcraft, violent-tinged sorcery by western culture. which in reality is completely the opposite. Damballa is the creator of life, wise and kind, his presence brings peace. It is usually represented as a serpent.

I thought Aaron’s tattoo bodywork was a beautiful metaphor to reflect on the effects of colonization. I used a short fragment of the song Dambalah by bahamian folk musician Exuma. 1970, and it is a cover by Nina Simone.”

A film by BELL SOTO www.bellsoto.com
talent Aaron @_serelemccoy @umodelsnyc