DAMUR Spring/Summer 2023

#BerlinFashionWeek – #DAMUR, a high-end streetwear label based in Berlin, presented their new collection “Impact Zone” during the Spring/Summer 2023 Berlin Fashion Week on the 10th of September.

all photos by @kaskajankiewicz

Those familiar with #DAMUR’s designer Damur (Shih-Shun) Huang, know that he fearlessly takes a stance on social and environmental matters through his bold designs from daring prints and silhouettes to the most striking fashion show concepts. There is not much #DAMUR is afraid of when it comes to voicing and showcasing his take on genderless fashion in the industry. This season the audience could once again expect the unexpected.

“Impact Zone” refers to the moment when the wave is at its most powerful stage. It’s for the surfer to take control and use the energy that comes with it. In some cases, this energy might be peaceful and soothing, but in others, it can be a source of tremendous strength and power.

From #DAMUR’s point of view, the need to always surpass oneself, to go beyond limits, is the aim of humanity. #DAMUR critiques how humans of today no longer want to be confronted with the trials of life, preferring not to leave their comfort zone to evolve, and rather escape into a digital reality. This year #DAMUR embraced the theme Impact Zone and underlined the liaison between actual surfing, surpassing yourself, and detoxing from the digital world.