Daniel ‘Cloud’ Campos Plays a Mechanic in Spot for Cillit Bang! #CLEANTERTAINMENT

Out of all of the things I love to do I have to be honest, cleaning is not at the top of my list. But thanks to CLEANTERTAINMENT = Cillit Bang Power I now know that cleaning can be so much more entertaining! In the new global spot for Cillit Bang, dancer, choreographer and eye candy Daniel “Cloud” Campos plays a mechanic in a clip which pays homage to classic ’80s movie “Flashdance.”

Faced with cleaning up a filthy repair shop, Campos dons his headphones, puts on the track “Maniac” made famous from the film “Flashdance”, and performs an awesome dance routine armed with nothing but a bottle of Cillit Bang and a few cleaning cloths. The grimy garage scrubs up gleaming white — but what will happen when the boss turns up?


You can have a look at the making of the video here:


The video is directed by Michael Gracey, an award winning advertising film maker who is currently working on his new movie “The Greatest Showman on Earth”, due to be released in 2017 starring Hugh Jackman. The star of the Cillit Bang “Flashdance” clip is Daniel ’Cloud’ Campos, a US dancer, director and actor who came to international fame in 2004 when he joined Madonna during her Re-invention tour.