Danny Muster Works is a Berlin-based creative director and illustrator dealing in vivid and colourful art inspired by his surrounding and by inputs of “life and love”; most of his work takes form in fashion and collages.

Danny often describes his collages as “messy artworks made out of a messy mind and into life to share with other messy minds in the hope to connect and feel less messed up.” If you have ever felt life is indeed a colourful mess, this interview and pieces are for you!

Danny, how has your college practice evolved from the start to now?

I started doing collages when I was 14, making covers for cassette tapes for friends and loved ones. I continued doing it as it helped me express my thoughts and feelings because I was a shy teen back in the day.
Now it is a channel to deal with the things happening in the world right now and to share my thoughts and feelings with other artists.

You are also a fashion stylist, how do you conciliate both practices?

For me, there is no big difference in styling, creative direction, or collages… it’s all about creating different worlds and stories and channelling your output of what is on your mind and how it influences us.

You were also a model at some point in your career?

Yes, modelling back in the 2000s’ before #metoo was a kind of a difficult time. With good times, but also bad times… and it made me change my way to work behind the scenes, and not in front of the camera, to make changes even small ones, to make everybody feel safe and equal: no hierarchy, no feeling used, but rather being safe and sound.

What inspires you for fashion and for visual art?

To be honest, everything around me!

Is Berlin a source of inspiration, what do you think of the art and fashion scene here?

Berlin like every other city has its unique style, especially in terms of history which you can feel and see in the art and fashion. The rough times and the changes, the motivation for new beginnings. It has its own power to always start from scratch.

What has inspired you to create the new pieces for the art show UN1TY?

Berlin is going through major changes right now in terms of politics, infrastructure, money, housing, vibe… I think it was about time to get these things out of my head again.

For example, in the piece “Looking at the Big Butt“, I’m thinking many things are changing right now in Berlin but we shouldn’t lose focus on the main thing: that we are an open city and everybody is welcome here.

What are your plans for the summer and the rest of 2023?

Focusing more on visual arts again and collaborating with new young artists who come to the city with new ideas and energy!

Check out Danny Muster’s collages at UN1TY art show on Friday 19th & Saturday 20th of May at B-Part Exhibition, Luckenwalder Str. 6b, 10963 Gleisdreieck, in partnership with Loop Raum and Your Mom’s Agency, concept by Nadia Says.

Featured artists: Aconite, Andreas Shimanski, Claire Saint Marc, Cloaking, Danny Muster, Kyoka, Lady Gaby, Noura Hafez, Olcan Akçay, and Shoxxx.

Discover more art and fashion by Danny Muster on DannyMusterWorks.com or on his Insta @dannymusterworks