Darling…it’s going to be alright. Photography by Hasan Bitirim

A KALTBLUT exclusive womenswear editorial. Photography by Hasan Bitirim. Model is Bojana Šarac. Creative Direction by Ilker Cinarel. Styled by Begum Bilge. Fashion by Boy London, Criminal Damage, Vintage, Public Desire. ‘Darling…It’s going to be alright’ is a project to express feelings of one when they moved to a new place and build a new life. Everything is strange to the one, almost being like an alienated. And one is to come to rest on the landscape of the city.

Photography by Hasan Bitirim / www.hasanbitirim.com / Instagram: @hasanbitirim

Creative Direction by Ilker Cinarel / www.ilkercinarel.com / Instagram: @ilkercinarel

Styled by Begum Bilge / www.begumbilge.com / Instagram: @thestatewearein

Model is Bojana Šarac / Instagram: @bolemene