Debut album out! Colyer – Lonestardom

May I introduce you to Colyer?! The eponymous project of musician Steven Colyer. As a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, he wrote and recorded every element of his debut album. Drawing inspiration from 60s soul, 90s shoegaze, and everything in-between, no genre—or personal experience— is off-limits.

Colyer’s album features eleven tracks of dreamy introspective soundscapes and raw lyrical concepts. A lonesome drive through the mind of a cauterized artist in the depths of Hollywood, CA, Colyer reels you into his world.

Baritone guitars and droning synth pads cradle lyrics intended to draw you closer and drown you out. Initial singles “Tired Of Blue” and “Pet Names” unveil Colyer’s search for closure. Seamless transitions lead to jarring ones, echoing the all-too-familiar pain of heartbreak and its slow recovery. The visceral and immersive soundtrack to a weird, isolated world

Born in the South, raised in the Midwest, and now in Los Angeles, his voice and innate vulnerability are both approachable and original.

“Weird World” illustrates just how strange the world can be, after leaving behind all you knew. Written pre-pandemic, the lyrics now ring truer than ever. “It’s a weird world/And it’s weirder without you.