Delusional Kids

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Nine Folliard Monguiral. Models are Boris Naish and Nine Folliard Monguiral. Brands used are Sundek swimwear, ElMonstruoShop, Vintage Ralph Lauren, A.P.C.

This project serves as asking ourselves two questions that are at first hardly explainable with words, so we’ve accompanied them with photographs shot on film.

In the first place, we’ve asked: How do we name two kids in an unknown city in Spain, and yet who belongs to the Spanish culture? Delusional Kids. Having different roots, moving fast and forward, incapable of naming their origins at the beginning of their teenage years. They’ve changed. They’ve grown. But this persisting instability, the mysteries of the world they are surrounded by, is common to all kids and even adults.

In the second place, we’ve asked a recurrent question in our lives: How does reality feel when the mind embellishes the outside world? We’ve explored the feeling of nostalgia, common and yet particular to any of us, shared between the past and the future, forgetting the present and its pleasures. We’ve captured it through our series. This is the real life of Delusional Kids. A representation of our generation.

This series has been shot on film, with a Konica Reflex and a Minolta point and shoot and ILFORD and Kodak Film, as well as on Polaroid.

Photography by Nine Folliard Monguiral / Nine Anna Folliard Monguiral ( / Instagram: @ninefm
Models are Boris Naish and Nine Folliard Monguiral / Instagram: @borisnaish
Brands used are Sundek swimwear, ElMonstruoShop, Vintage Ralph Lauren, A.P.C.
Instagram names: @sundek_official  @elmonstruoshop  @apc_paris

Nine F.M is a European film photographer, who shares a mix of French and Spanish cultures in her daily life, as well as in her work. Her family originated in France, which led her to become a multicultural citizen before identifying with any nationality. In fact, this loss of identity provided her with the reason why she wanted to document the European lifestyle, to give a sense of what is to have a European identity. Currently living between Germany and Spain, she pursues studies of Political Sciences in relation to Europe at the Catholic University of Lille.

She started photography seven years ago, with her grandmother’s film camera, a Pentax kx1000. Since then she hasn’t stopped experiencing the different methods that film photography could provide her. Failures and accidents have constituted a decisive process of her path as a photographer. However, from incidents, Nine has built her identity and aesthetic and portrays as well as architecture has become dominant in her photography.