Deseo Libertad by Fagner Damasceno

A KALTBLUT exclusive series from Brazil. Starring male model Felipe Munchen, a promissor young new face from Rio Grande do Sul. He is signed to at Fun Models. Photography and Art Direction by Fagner Damasceno. A Fashion Photographer and Visual Artist based in Porto Alegre, a city in southern Brazil. Thanks to Casa Frasca, Art Residence, for Hosting the shooting. “Lately I’ve been working on various photographic series, named “Boys from Here”, mainly about the deconstruction of the concept centred in the male imagery. With my work, I try to see and show a different view over the masculinity, showing how soft, delicate guys could appear, denying any social pattern that how men should look like. I like the models I use to choose to work with to have a certain look, which could be super feminine, androgynous or even studs in feminine acting. I’m also currently working on a new exhibition named “Fragile Male” which will bring to light this moment of rethinking the masculinity and how the “male” concept have had influenced and measured our social behavior in oppressive and toxic ways – The complete series could be seen in my fb page.” says Fagner Damasceno.

Let boys be feminine!

Photography and Art Direction:

Fagner Damasceno / / FB / Instagram @fsdamasceno

Model: Felipe Munchen at Fun Models / Instagram @fe_munchen

Thanks to Casa Frasca, Art Residence, for Hosting the shooting / Instagram @casafrasca