DEZEEP x Saša Ostoja x Wayh Gude 5-Panel Cap

Check out the release video for the all new DEZEEP x SAŠA OSTOJA 5-panel cap. DEZEEP, an idea that was born in the warm waters of the north shore of Maui brought to the canals of Amsterdam. DEZEEP is a clothing brand that offers basic quality goods and is all about keeping it clean.


Saša Ostoja, the next big illustrator from Amsterdam, well known for his illustrated animal like creatures with human features. When you see Saša you always see a cap on his head, preferably a five panel cap. He had a dream to once make a cap on which his own creatures would appear. That is where Wayh Gude stepped in. Wayh Gude, the creative director made the plan to bring these two together and create magic. He had an clear image in mind of what the collaboration should look like; here is the result.

The all new DEZEEP x Saša Ostoja x Wayh Gude 5-panel is online and available at and selected retailers.
Shot by Marnix Postma

Credits movie clip:

Brand: DEZEEP / Illustations: Saša Ostoja / Creative Director: Wayh Gude / Videography: Marnix Postma / Audio design: Vincent-Paolo / Model: Eeva de Frel

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