Dherma by Gastōn Lucena Teplixke

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial by Gastōn Lucena Teplixke. A Fashion designer and photographer from Argentina, now based and living in Paris. Model is Abril Villalba. Make up by Candelaria Pulo. All the clothes were made and designed by Gastōn Lucena Teplixke, for a fashion project called Dherma, talking about the body, with the statement that everybody is beautiful, and not guided by the standards of society.

I am 27 years old, and this was my own project talking about bodies, that everybody is beautiful despite the scars and marks, we are all beautiful.” says Gastōn Lucena Teplixke

Photography by Gastōn Lucena Teplixke / www.gastonlt.com / Instagram: @ltgaston
Model is Abril Villalba from Buenos Aires / Instagram: @aabruvillalba
Make up by Candelaria Pulo / Instagram: @thehippiechicstyle