Dhruv Kapoor Spring/Summer 2023 – The Seeker

#MilanFashionWeek – Designer Dhruv Kapoor unveiled the new Spring/Summer 2023 collection: The Seeker! Blurring the lines between fact and fiction to mimic a contemporary society, ‘The Seeker’ projects a parallel universe as our new reality. A space where the intangible overpowers logic and there’s no room for prevailing systems.

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The multi-faceted collection stresses the ‘Eye’, a symbol of the soul and varied states of enlightenment. Ancient scriptures borrowed from around the world and modern-day anime sit comfortably alongside it. Large hand-drawn florals blended with Y2K stamps balance notions of the past and future.

Multiple tones injected into the collection allude to one’s emotional well-being and help enhance individuality. Edginess is brought alive with apotropaic demon masks – presented as guardians of our thresholds to protect our energy as we ascend into the astral realms.

For Spring/Summer 23, Dhruv Kapoor targets a raw mix of emotions through mesmerising colours, unconventional silhouettes, abstract prints and multi-layered surfaces. Unusual pairings of giant and petite, old and new, maximal and minimal come together seamlessly to define that comfort is key but not without style. A utilitarian vibe with soft structures straddle elements of couture and street – from giant tracksuits and squared tailoring to hand-crafted embroideries by skilled artisans sitting on fantastical silhouettes.

“On this occasion we project a special partnership with Italian shoemaker Marsèll, displaying a combination of creativity, craftsmanship and style. Along with sustainable eyewear brand Junk, where each pair is made using recovered plastic waste and enhanced with silver.

Each element in The Seeker manifests man as a future explorer, ready to embark on a mental expedition in multiple configurations.”

Every fabric is created with conscious thought, using 40% up-cycled material discarded by Indian textile manufacturers and recycled plastic waste. Spring’23 also introduces Dhruv Kapoor’s first line of limited-edition leather goods – make using 100% up-cycled leather.