“Dia de Los Muertos – Rusia” by Nikita Skripnik

A KALTBLUT EXCLUSIVE. Nikita Skripnik is a photographer from Russia. With models, Roman Martynov, Akbar, and assistant Nikita Grunichev, they created this beautiful series “Dia de Los Muertos – Rusia”.

“This project is our joint work with one of the most important designers in the queer community of Moscow – Agasfer. “Dia de Los Muertos – Rusia” is a story that even being “naked” in the face of a crowd, having lost all possible masks and understanding where there is truth and where are the lies.”

“Many people are ready to hold on to their death the remnants of their dignity and ego, denying the realities of our time and completely forgetting that they are participants not in a theatrical performance, but in a very complex story called life.”

Photographer Nikita Skripnik
Instagram: @lunariomus
Model Roman Martynov
Instagram: @_romartyn_
MA T-models Management
Instagram.com: @t_modelsagency
Akbar  Instagram: @mr._hachman
Designer Sergey Agasfer
Instagram: @sergeyagasfer
Assistant Nikita Grunichev
Instagram: @satiristus