Reviving the Classics: ‘Digital Underground’ Mixtape by Scuba

Hotflush, the renowned label founded by Scuba in 2003, is marking its 20th anniversary with a special mixtape titled ‘Digital Underground’. This compilation pays homage to the acid house and early hardcore era, offering a modern twist to the classic sound. Incorporating the spirit of legendary acts like Top Buzz, SL2, and Shades of Rhythm, ‘Digital Underground’ is part of Scuba’s vinyl-only series titled ‘Hardcore Heaven’. Released in two parts, the first instalment coincided with Record Store Day UK in April, while the sequel is set to arrive this month.

Not only available on vinyl, but ‘Digital Underground’ will also be released in digital formats and on CD. This mixtape expands on the ideas presented in ‘Hardcore Heaven’, featuring altered versions and additional tracks that connect the dots between acid house, early hardcore, breaks, and techno. It even nods towards early 2-step, adding moody vocal rubs for a diverse and captivating experience.

Within the 12 tracks, you’ll find standout moments like ‘Tru Love’, a lively breakbeat infused with hardcore and rave elements, all encompassed by Scuba’s distinctive melodic touch. ‘Move Like Shadows’ reimagines an early ’90s anthem, blending a memorable vocal hook with delicate percussion, creating a glistening cut tailored for euphoric dancefloor moments. ‘Pls’ is a hidden gem, reminiscent of M25 raves, complete with dreamy breaks, frenetic stabs, hints of sax, and a snippet of helium rap. Lastly, ‘Room with a View’ is an exultant track that will transport you back to a British warehouse in 1991, with its piano-laden odyssey that demands one more tune.

‘Hardcore Heaven II’ will drop on 29 September on vinyl and features versions of tracks from ‘Digital Underground’.