Dimensional Crisis

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography & Video by Ferda Demir. Styling / Creative Direction by Berker Kusku. Make up by Vanity Dusk. Hair Styling by Emre Kayaci & Sabit Akkaya. Colours by Davide Padovan. Music by Pardis Latifi.

It was one of those days that she was meditating. It was the blood moon that night. She cracked into another dimension. She was trapped. She was scared first but once she understood she can do/be anything that she wants. Once she realized that she welcomed her soul. Her body was just a temporary sanctuary for her. Then she steps into the holographic universe. Her body parts were not looking the same anymore. And she created her body from the ashes and she was free from the cage.

Photography & Video & Montage by Ferda Demir / www.ferdademir.com / Instagram: @ferdademir_ Styling / Creative Direction by Berker Kusku / www.behance.net/berkerkusku / Instagram: @berkerkusku
Model is @medismir
Make up by Vanity Dusk / @vanitydusk
Hair Styling by Emre Kayaci & Sabit Akkaya Instagram: @emrekyai & @sabitakkaya

Styling Assistant by Seyma Ozlutürk Instagram @seymaozluturk
Colours by Davide Padovan Instagram: @dvdpdvn
Music by Pardis Latifi Instagram: @grenzenlo5

First Look:  Neslihan  Çömez , Second Look: Modajenik, Third Look: Modajenik & birelin