Disarm by Roman Muraviov

A KLTBLUT exclusive. Roman Muraviov is a Kiev-based visual artist, specializing in fashion and art photography. Muraviov was born in Donetsk, Ukraine. After time of the beginning of the military operations in the city, Roman was forced to move to Kiev. Until that time, photography was for him like a hobby. One of his first job in Kiev was the art-manager in the Lavra Art Gallery, where Muraviov was able to get acquainted with the Ukrainian artists whose works inspired him to choose a photo as the main activity. Later he got acquainted with the stylist Sasha Dudchenko, with whom they did this work called “Disarm”. This story is about the disarm you with a smile, willingness to endure pain and suffering, renunciation of violence in the name of truth. Model is Sasha Dudchenko.


Photography by Roman Muraviov – Instagram: @roman.muraviovroman-muraviov.com
Fashion by  Instagram: @sashadudchenko

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