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DISCOMPOSURE by Gina Tilgert

Model is James O’Connor. Gina Tilgert is currently studying photography in Hamburg, Germany. Tilgert is the in-house photographer in a Model Agency, NotAnother Agency in Dublin, Ireland. Tilgert fascinated by the fact that in fashion everything is possible. She loves to combine art, contemporary historical topics and fashion all together. A KALTBLUT exclusive. Styling by Oyinza.

Team credits:
Photography by
Gina Tilgert
Instagram: @ginasphotographs
Model is James O’Connor
signed at NotAnother Agency
Instagram: @jamesoconnor_
Styling by Oyinza
Instagram: @oyinza

Fashion Brands are:
eBay UK, Bershka, H&M, Tola Vintage, Stylist’s own, Model’s own