Photography by Sonia Teruel. Model is Malte Bossen at Model Werk. A KALTBLUT exclusive story about body language, physicality and non verbal communication through movement and color. 

“I like to invite models who I find inspiring to my home studio in Berlin and work with them to create a story where they get to play and show themselves in new ways. I am generally interested in using photography to capture inner experiences, inside moments, like when we forget we are here and the surroundings disappear. To create the scene and mood that involves my subjects, I use artificial light and color filters. In this project, body and movement introduced another kind of expression that complemented perfectly with the portraits.”

Photography by Sonia Teruel / soniateruel.net / Instagram: @waterfearandillusion
Model is Malte Bossen at Model Werk / Instagram: @mlt.bsn