Displacement Of Reality by Blanca Munt

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Blanca Munt. Model is Aitor Segurola. Make Up by Maria Serret. Hair by Nonna Guila. This story is inspired by the perception and feelings of a man, who lives his day to day in a displaced universe. This displacement is really unpleasant when we are not used to truly feel our individuality. We lead an orderly life, a schedule, a series of rites that completely bury us, and make us someone else. Displacement Of Reality is, therefore, this change of position, of being, of ideas and perspectives in front of a world aware of passivity. Man transcends and is capable of totally existing despite having to be continually aware of what he will collide with, or what he will strike. All clothes are from designer Sara Palma Chacón.

Photography by Blanca Munt / www.blancamunt.com / Instagram: @blancamunt
Photography Assistant is Marta Muñoz / Instagram: @mu.ju
Model is Aitor Segurola / Instagram: @aitor.segurola
Make Up by Maria Serret / Instagram: @0miasmuah0
Hair by Nonna Guila / Instagram: @guilanonna


All clothes are from designer Sara Palma Chacón / www.spalmachacon.wixsite.com/sarapalmachacon / Instagram: @spalmachacon

“I’m Blanca Munt, a photographer and graphic designer based in Barcelona. I graduated this summer in Photography and Digital Content in Idep Barcelona and now I’m interested in expanding my knowledge in the fields of editorial design and video. I combine my personal projects with commissioned stories for different brands. My interests have led me to carry out projects that deal with topics such as architecture, landscape, still life and portraiture and currently I have been researching the culture of fear and paranoia. My aim is to expand my career and start experimenting with new approaches that lead to more experimental processes.”