Dissolve by Jacek Davis

Jacek Davis is a London based photographer. The work he creates commonly involves a play on stereotypes, a deformed body image, the mixture of nature VS technology and computer graphics/glitches. Jacek is also inspired by subjects such as sexuality, gender identity, nostalgia & controversy. Inspired by his love of film, his work is often set out as a narrative, telling a story through images, GIFs & video. 

“Floating in the worlds in which we have created online, we find ourselves letting reality seep in only when we allow it; much like the filling of the bath. The expanse of nature, where we want to be, can feel too exposed because we did not create it. Containing nature to a bath allow us to control the risk it is to be venerable when we really we are being controlled by the man made porcelain container in which we are confined.”

Model is Janet Mayer – @janetmayer_

Insta: @jacek_davis

Web: www.jacekdavis.co.uk

Tumblr: www.jacekdavis.tumblr.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jacekdavis