#diversityagainstdiscrimination by Karol Mietkiewicz

Karol Mietkiewicz is a queer costume and jewellery designer who very often faces problems that are typical to be part of a social minority and its extraordinary beauty. Mietkiewicz designed the project with friend Daniela Swoboda as a peaceful protest against discrimination. The project “#diversityagainstdiscrimination” aims to demonstrate the beauty of being different to tame fear and negativity in our society.

“To achieve it, Karol Mietkiewicz has created a composition of several people who reflect on the beauty and uniqueness of LGBTQ+ and racial minority members. It is a multidimensional, interdisciplinary artistic project aimed at creating costumes and jewellery pieces as well as photographs with a full set design. The outfits are intended to act as a medium to express the beauty and diversity of both LGBTQ+ and racial minority members.”

“Nature often creates non-normative forms that are featured by complex shapes, colors, patterns, and behaviors. Beauty is not always subject to the binary system. Wildlife often encounters unusual forms, which stand out from their habitat. This dark side of abnormality and exceptionality transmits
to the human world. Not only ‘the odd one’ is a subject of discrimination, but also people around them, e.g. relatives and friends. Especially due to the growing discrimination in my home country, Poland, I want to confront this issue both as an artist who specializes in costume design as well as a person of the LGBTQ+ community, standing up for all people who need it most.”

Art Director, art pieces’ designer Karol Mietkiewicz @charlie_mintson
Photographer Daniela Swoboda @monswo
Pink model & style Cupacake @queenofvirginity
Red model Uchi Jonas @uchi.nova
Black, model & style Stinny Stone @stinnystone
Gold. model Lie Ning @lie_ning
Orange, model Adam Alfray @cowboyblau
White, model & style Leon Dziemaszkiewicz @leondziemaszkiewicz
Green, model Ewa Lidtke @animuscorpussanguis
Blue, model Jolanta Mietkiewicz @jola_m_m & Manuela Jonas @manuelajonas5
clothes used in the project: Vintage Attack @vintage_attack