Doppelmann by Maximilian Mair

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photographer Maximilian Mair and Art director Elias Terrabona teamed up to create this series, Dopelmann. The two Italian artists explored the various stages of interpersonal imagination – and above all: is there a catalyst for this phenomenon?

Far away from the apparently natural habitat, renounced by everyday rituals, the human subconscious resorts to forgotten and mystically seeming basic instincts. This social anomaly manifests itself in a smoldering longing deeply rooted in ourselves – and beyond that: the ether of the collective imagination.

Only slightly perceived, this process results in a spiritual metamorphosis through various states of consciousness.

The harmonious weightlessness in the almost endless seeming vacuum of a blink of an eye is scattered by living sculptures of flesh and veins. It is an accelerating, rebuilding the status quo of human perception and the resulting consequence: a high-energy, whirling power of two poles – right before discharge.

With the moment of the supposed extinction, the previously existing merges with the creation of the common imagination. The zero hours of where all comes together: The Doppelmann

Photographer is Maximilian Mair
Instagram: @maximilianmair
Art Director is Elias Terrabona
Instagram: @eliasterrabona
Fashion – Models own
Models are  Jonas & Clemens