DRESS TO PROTEST- Europe Collection

All photos by Laura Knipsael. In the Pop-up Atelier Europa of Studio Europa Maastricht and FASHIONCLASH, ten young European fashion designers worked together to develop a Europe Collection within one week. They did this from a glass house at Mosae Forum from 2 to 8 December.

Designers from countries like UK, Finland, Ukraine, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Netherlands, Serbia and Russia drew inspiration from the Dress to Protest workshops that were organized earlier this year for young people from the Euregion. In addition, the designers were paired to performers, the students of the Maastricht Theater Academy and iArts Maastricht, with the aim to express their concept through a short performance.

The result is a collection of ten different approaches and visions about Europe translated into fashion creations. On Sunday 8 December the outfits were unveiled during the Maastricht Europe Days closing show in the Eiffel building in Maastricht.


Beatrice Sangster (UK)

Benedetta Marcucci (Italy)

Julia Montin (Finland)

Kateryna Boiko (Ukraine)

Maria Ossaba (Belgium)

Marko Feher (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Michelle Cornelissen (Netherlands)

Nevena Ivanović (Serbia)

Julina Bezold (Switzerland)

Yana Monk (Russia)

Dress to Protest

Pop-up Atelier Europe is one of a series of activities organized in 2019 within the context of ‘Dress to Protest’. With this project FASHIONCLASH and Studio Europa Maastricht are calling on young people to participate in design workshops to exchange ideas about Europe. With the imagination of fashion, they shape their visions and personal stories about Europe. During the workshops in May and September, a total of 180 students from different schools and nationalities, spoke about the meaning of European peace and cooperation for their personal freedom. The students then translated the outcomes of their brainstorm sessions into creative designs.
More information about the project: www.fashionclash.nl/dress-to-protest

Maastricht Europe Days

Pop-up Atelier Europa is part of the Maastricht Europe Days, a three-day program about the future of Europe, elaborated in 25 events such as debates, theatre performances, workshops, exhibitions and debates. The Maastricht Europe Days are organized by Studio Europa Maastricht organised as part of the Maastricht, Working on Europe program, set up in 2018 by the province, municipality and university. Last year the Maastricht Europe Days experienced their first edition, this year the program has been extended to three days with more than 25 events and activities.

More information about Maastricht Europe Days: www.maastrichteuropedays.nl.

All photos by @lauraknipsael