DustyPink is a Swedish photo-duo based in Shanghai with a holistic and unpolished approach to photography. By combining nudity, personality and space they create series of photography’s that tells non-fictional stories. DustyPink started when Nicklas Hultman and his partner wanted to do a visual project together. They both like photography and they have a completely different point of view on visual expression. So when they do DustyPink it is always very interesting afterwards to see what the other person saw. The model of this serie is Garth.

“In DustyPink we want our models to have something unique.
It is easy to look good and to be a classic good looking person, but how interesting is that, really? And it is interesting to have a session with a person that looks astonishing on photos, but average in real life. You never know before you start.
Our models usually comes from hearsay by previous models or they find us online.”



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