DZHUS S/S21 – Ethical Multipurpose Clothing & Accessories

#Lookbook – Now that sustainable consumption is a more relevant topic than ever, DZHUS has created the “Ecopack” collection, inspired by the variety of packaging, to draw attention to the importance of recycling. The S/S21 designs interpret the visual and structural peculiarities of boxes, packets and wraps of all kinds.

Multi-purpose use of clothing has always been crucial to DZHUS, as a revolutionary method to minimise customers’ shopping and diversify their wardrobe at the same time. All the products from the Spring/Summer line are transformers, and most of the garments can be modified into bags in a swift and playful manner. Another leitmotif of the capsule derives from DZHUS’ passion to reveal the hidden utilitarian potential of standardised clothing details: trousers’ lining is wrested out as a top, shorts become a blouse when worn upside down, pockets become sleeves or even headpieces when switched inside out.

The collection is manufactured using only cruelty-free materials and technologies, according to DZHUS’ fundamental principles of ethical production.

Photo: Alexey Ponomarev @pnmrvalexey
Video: Anya Bod @anya.bod
Styling: Irina Dzhus / DZHUS Style Studio @irina.dzhus
Music: Tyler Legat @tylerlegat
Makeup: Julia Vasilkovskaya @mua.model, Irina Dzhus @irina.dzhus

Hair: Julia Danshyna @julia_danshyna
Models: Anna Voloshenko @soliloque.a / Ecos Models, Julia Barbakar @barbakar_liana / Model Scouting Bureau, Tatiana Savchenko @sava_tati / Mimodels
Ethical footwear: House Martin @housemartin_footwear, DZHUS