Éclat Crew releases debut compilation of tracks by female, trans and nonbinary artists

Éclat Crew has been hard at work changing the face of the Berlin music industry since 2018 when the collective of female, trans and nonbinary electronic music producers was first established. Éclat members have been making waves in Berlin and internationally for their work as producers, DJs and featured artists. This compilation is the first official collection of work from this dynamic and diverse community of creators.

Release date: 18 November 2022, with a showcase event at Fitzroy on 20 November 2022.

The title Éclat: A Constellation Of Party Balloons Floating On A Deep Sea Saline Lake perfectly encapsulates this ever-shifting and dazzling collection of tracks. Opening with the chaotic plunderphonics of a multitude of everything, we’re also gifted soaring ambience from spherical aberration, pounding QBM from Eira, and driving synthwave from Working Memory. There’s a track for every taste in this collection. 

In the spirit of the collective, which invites producers of all levels to come together to make music alongside each other at workshops in Berlin, the compilation features releases from established nightlife names like Nathalie Capello, Monibi and Acidfinky, as well as newcomers releasing their very first tracks.

Éclat Crew invites you to celebrate the release of this Constellation Of Party Balloons with them at Fitzroy on Sunday 20 November.

Find more info about the compilation and the contributing artists here.

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Artwork by Judy Moore