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Editors pick: Baby Yors – Mundo del Revés

I am in love with Baby Yors’s new music video, “Mundo Del Revés”. It’s the visual accompaniment to his first-ever Spanish-language single, and the production was a collaboration with CAM4, an erotic adult video site that’s had to fight against censorship. The result is a combined effort to draw attention to our culture’s hypocritical demonization of pleasure and sex-positivity, and in the fantasy world of “Mundo Del Revés,” where all is turned upside down, a channel like CAM4 is reimagined as a popular TV network where we can be true to our natural desires.

Yors grew up in the small rural town of Jujuy in Argentina, a country known for vibrant music, Evita, and a penchant for machismo culture and blatant homophobia. “People in South America don’t take being queer lightly,” Yors says “They really get on you for it.”

A multi-talented creative force, Yors has found some success in music, hollowing out a niche for himself in the burgeoning LGBTQ+ scene. Yors blends alternative pop sensibilities with soaring vocals and a lilting falsetto, moving up and down scales like the classic rockers of the 70’s. Visually, Yors has always had a penchant for the gothic; deep reds, violets, blacks and stark whites.

Baby Yors @babyyors //

All photos by Noah O’leary @noah.oleary