Educate Your Ears: Broshuda

Broshuda’s infamous social vocabulary is filled with obscure terminology and coded cross-references to the likes of “Ambient Punk”, “Glambient” and “Aquatic Romanticism”. These might come as bizarre attempts to define his peculiar and hard to pin down style of electronic music, while simultaneously mocking the need to market music through the highfaluting press and academia-approved labels. This same skewed ambiguity informs much of the Berlin-based producer’s creative attitude and the rest of his output, for his first release for Haunter Records generating pieces of apparent simplicity that gradually unravel to engage in complex emotional vignettes, drawing from a limited pool of sound sources while paying a great deal of attention to detail in the construction of sound and temporal structure. Debuting alongside Zuli and Sense Fracture on the Milan-based label, Broshuda kicks off with ‘Goscha (w/ Vuptes)’ taken from the album Jemi, to be released February 16th.

Subtly tweaking and rearranging the focus, Broshuda emphasizes the background’s definition while meditating on blurring and masquerading what should have been foreground into new forms and shapes, evoking a world of hallucinatory sonical flora steadily in flux, descending and ascending through thick layers of shifting motions and memories, touching upon multitude of non-places along the way. An array of tools and techniques on display akin to those of classic dub, contemporary sound design on obscure and random equipment and post-rave power ambient poems, coalescing with a pronounced melodic element, giving the release a profoundly introspective and earthy character.