Educate Your Ears: SWANES

After receiving airtime on Phillip Taggart’s BBC Radio 1 show last September, the latest release sees Toronto-based SWANES continue to tackle life through a lens of surrealism. Combined with Michael’s soft-touched vocals, each song on the Biota EP is in active pursuit of an altruistic outcome. Whether it be love on the rise or life on your last dime, SWANES always manage to spin societal tribulations into catchy, quixotic pop anthems that are both self-aware and extremely laid-back, much like the duo themselves.

The value of old memories may seem meaningless to some, but SWANES Michael and Stefan Gallaugher take pride in the formative years that have helped shape their innate musical chemistry. Their moniker itself evokes memories of their early lives together surrounded by nature. Written and produced in Toronto, Biota contains five breezy, light-hearted tracks touching on moments of internal conflict and the personal obstacles imbued in our everyday lives.

Having played, written, recorded, and produced music together their entire lives, the Gallaugher brothers have developed a strong penchant for melodic simplicity and production that gently pushes traditional pop music structures into more delicately complex arrangements.

Biota is out now