Educate Your Ears: TAR

Tar is the intriguing musical collaboration between two distinctly talented artists: Blood of Aza from London, UK, and False Prpht from Virginia, US. United by their shared passion for creating unique soundscapes, Tar aims to produce music that defies conventional boundaries and enchants listeners with its originality.

This collaboration promises an amalgamation of genres and styles that speaks volumes of the artists’ diverse backgrounds and influences. The debut EP marks only the beginning of what is planned to be a compelling trilogy. This project does more than just showcase individual talents; it blends them in a manner that is rarely seen, giving birth to a new, vibrant sonic experience.

The EP features contributions from notable names in the music industry such as S280F, Ghozt, Alparr, Ashrar, Shitney Queers, and Bug. Each contributor brings their unique flavor to the project, making it a rich tapestry of auditory experiences that’s bound to captivate the audience.

Blood of Aza harnesses a broad palette of sounds, ranging from MIDI-infused lullabies that soothe, to high-energy club edits that energize, all the way to intense ambient soundscapes that challenge the listener’s perceptions. Her work as a DJ and producer has continually pushed the boundaries of electronic music.

Blood of Aza

Warren Jones, known professionally as False Prpht, is not only a seasoned artist but also a catalyst in the multimedia sphere and the founder of the Black Ether collective. His extensive work includes being one half of the experimental group Prison Religion, where he has been instrumental in blending visual arts with innovative sound engineering to create a unique artistic expression.

False Prpht

Together, Tar is not just an auditory experience but a statement of artistic freedom and collaboration. They are set to leave a significant mark on the musical landscape, inviting listeners to explore the depths of their combined artistic vision.