Eldivenler & Hikayeler

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Anil Ayhan. The model is Alex Mora. “When I was a child, I always wore gloves when I played with snow which happened very seldom. I experienced later on in my life how gloves impacted people and their life stories, and I saw how the use of gloves helps people break free.

Together with the idea of these stories combined with my own imagination, I created “Eldivenler & Hikayeler” which is an Anıl Ayhan photo series that examines broken taboos and freely set souls that blossom within human bodies.”

Photography by Anil Ayhan Instagram: @anlayhnn
Model: Alex Mora Instagram: @lexbberry

Artist Bio:

“I, Anıl Ayhan’s photographic life started withdrawing. For as long as I can remember, I have always drawn, painted, and tried to create something different from my peers. naked bodies, faces, especially eyes were my best friends on this road. (plus rainbows, not even knowing what it’s going to mean.

Over time, I found myself taking pictures of the people around me or being the person in the group who was forced to be the photographer:) just before I moved to Berlin, I signed up for a photography course in İstanbul and it was the first official step of my art, except for the painting competitions I won.

As an artist, I feel like İstanbul. A lit bit of everything, opposites go hand in hand, without an absolute sense of beauty. I love the people that I created with these ideas. the meeting of our energies in harmony reveals the sides of them that they are not even aware of and BAM!!!
Here is the true beauty of that combination of extremities and I am in love with it!”