Electronic Emergencies: The Closet Tapes

After the Lost Tapes, the Found Tapes and the Hidden Tapes, Electronic Emergencies releases the Closet Tapes – a compilation of queer electronic music. Founders Spacemaker and Leather E have rounded up an unorthodox and fierce combination of queer legends, contemporary queer heroes and future queer stars. These include Andy Butler from Hercules & Love Affair, legendary Dutch DJ and producer Eddy De Clercq, Bézier from the Honey Soundsystem and Italian disco queers Hard Ton.

“Especially in these times, in which queer rights are under continuous or increasing pressure in many parts of the world, we think it’s important to keep demanding attention for queer rights, solidarity and diversity. We are proud to be queer, and this is what we love. “

The Closet Tapes will be released on double pink vinyl in an edition of 500 copies on Monday 22 May 2017. A digital version is released on 29 May. The release is distributed worldwide by Clone Distribution Rotterdam. Also, a very limited edition of 50 cassettes will be released through the Electronic Emergencies Bandcamp page. The cassette offers alternative mixes of three of the tracks.

The artwork for The Closet Tapes was created by Electronic Emergencies’ designer Meinhard Spoor. The vinyl edition comes in a gatefold full-colour sleeve. The inner sleeve contains a statement by queer artist Carlos Motta.

1. Bézier – Anathema
2. Andy Butler – Vlaamsekat!
3. Adriano Canzian – Kiss Me So More
4. Hard Ton ft. Popsimonova – Dark Star Crashes
5. Eddy De Clercq & Friends – Sea Sex & Sun (Laurent & Lewis Electro Club Remix)
6. This Cold Night – Gay Goth Dance Machine
7. Jean Petitjean – Doom Alarm (Rude 66 Edit)
8. Gaytron – Männerliebe 2017
9. Venderstrooik – Poisoned Apple
10. Skeleton Head – Beaten, Bloody, Bruised (Pink Mix)
11. Jorge Socarras & Pierre Klein – Story Ends (Rude 66 Mix)

The official release party of The Closet Tapes will be in Club BAR in Rotterdam, on Friday 19 May 2017. Hard Ton will perform live, and Eddy De Clercq will play a DJ set. More info here