Video Premiere: Electrosexual – Lèvres Roses feat. Nicky Miller

After their previous single premiere at Berghain Kantine, Electrosexual is releasing the soundtrack of the ´Lèvres Roses´ short film, directed by Nicky Miller, on Berlin-based KlubKid Records. The video screened at TRANSlations trans short films festival Seattle, Transgender film festival the USA, Homografia BE, Poppy Festival Macedonia Attaqueer le visible DE/FR, Sisssy Film UK, Thessaloniki GLAD Film Festival and features the performance of producer and rapper Ixa. On a routine graveyard shift, a night-watcher (Romain) stumbles upon a pair of dead bodies (Nicky & Ixa), blindfolded and locked in a kiss. Profoundly fascinated and liberated by their presence, he undergoes a complete transformation right before his eyes.

Lèvres Roses” is an ode dedicated to Trans lovers, as well as an invitation to self-liberation.

– Nicky Miller

Electrosexual is the creation of Romain Frequency — the french, Berlin-based music producer and DJ — as well as a vehicle for them to explore gender, art, technology, and alternative sexualities through auditory signals. Rooted in queer politics and aesthetics, their music “is about emotional connections, not stylistic categorisations, “Producing, mixing, and touring for over a decade, the fiercely independent artist has collaborated with the likes of Hard Ton, Aerea Negrot, Karma She and Peaches, and performed remixing duties for electronic music legends Ssion, Billie Ray Martin, and David Carretta.

Nicky Miller is a Berlin-based genderqueer interdisciplinary artist, specialising in film, performance art and creative writing. LGTBQ+ sexualities and identities are at the core of Nicky’s work. Challenging normative structures and conventional thinking. Award-wining and screened at many international Queer film festivals Nicky’s short-films portfolio includes work such as Fisherman, Lemon Taste, Romance, Porn Warriors, Happy Valentine Day!, and Oh!Socks!

Ixa is from a race of bioluminescent extraterrestrial creatures with Nubian features (booming in speakers).


Lèvres Roses feat. Nicky Miller is out July 1st: