Embark on a Surrealist Journey with Rankin: Hamburg Welcomes RankinLIVE

Pride, Glitter Bomb, Hunger TV, 2018 (c) Rankin

Unleash Your Inner Muse in the Storied Halls of Briese Studios: Prepare to be immortalized in Rankin’s audacious live photoshoots on the 19th and 20th of April 2024. Rankin, the epitome of visual revolution and cultural anarchy, invites you to step into his world – a phantasmagoric playground that challenges the eye and enraptures the spirit. His legacy, a tapestry of visual euphoria, stretches over three decades and emanates from the heart of the zeitgeist, capturing the raw pulse of humanity through his lens.


RankinLIVE: An Odyssey of the Authentic Self

Imagine transcending the mundane as you immerse yourself in RankinLIVE, the antithesis of conventional portraiture. In the avant-garde haven of Briese Studios – a beacon for photographic innovation thanks to its luminous Briese lighting technology – this Hamburg escapade beckons you to join Rankin in a symbiotic dance of creation.

David Bowie, Dazed & Confused 1995 Copyright Rankin

Be There: The RankinLIVE Experience in Hamburg

The RankinLIVE Hamburg event is more than a soiree; it’s a rendezvous with destiny. As you step into the light, let Rankin’s lens capture your essence, immortalizing you within the annals of contemporary art.

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Secure Your Place in the Spectacle

Harness the chance to partake in this rare convergence of artistry and spontaneity at RankinLIVE Hamburg. Secure your slot and seize the moment that promises to echo through the chambers of visual narrative forever.

Debbie Harry Dazed & Confused 1998 Copyright Rankin

Rankin: A Visionary in a World of Conformity

Globally acclaimed, Rankin shatters the shackles of the conventional, continuously foraging through the societal fabric with his poignant imagery.

Briese Studios: An Alchemy of Light and Shadow

Situated in the pulsating heart of Hamburg, Briese Studios is synonymous with pioneering photographic excellence, its Briese lights sculpting silhouettes like a maestro, time and time again.

RankinLIVE: A Portal to the Extraordinary

Heart for a Heart, 2017 (c) Rankin

Join the ranks of the intrepid at RankinLIVE, where the act of photographing morphs into a participatory spectacle, eroding the line between observer and participant.

Dare to discover your narrative within Rankin’s realm at Briese Studios – a manifesto of audacious beauty awaits. rankinswag.com/products/rankinlive-hamburg

Photos all copyrights at The Rankin Group