Ending the world

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography & Art Direction by Diego Ezía. Model is Estian Govea at FIFTH Models. Stylism by Marc Leal. Make up by Elena Morales. ” My name is Diego Ezia and I am 25 years old. I was born in a small city called Salamanca, in Spain, but I am currently living in Barcelona studying to be an art director. I am passionate about photography since I was 15 and, since then, with fundamentally self-taught training I have carried out different projects in analog and digital photography. During the last year, I have been focusing my main interest in art direction and fashion photography, while combining my work with my creativity studies in Brother Creative School.” Pink blazer: Mans Concept menswear, Blue Choker: Mans Concepts menswear, Blue pants: Mans Concept menswear and White Jacket: American Vintage.

Photography & Art Direction by Diego Ezía / Instagram: @diegoezia
Stylism by Marc Leal / Instragram: @marcleal.st
Make up by Elena Morales / Instagram: @elenamoart_
Model: Estian Govea x FIFTH Models / Instagram: @nirvanaisoverrated x @fifthmodels