EP Premiere: Bastion – ‘Crystal’

Peter Cristofle and Hary Haja create the French electronic duo, Bastion. The name Bastion evokes a timeless sentiment and comes from an old french word bastire meaning “to build”. Both multi-instrumentalists, their music is rich, vibrant and a perfect blend of rock orchestral and electropop elements. With their debut EP, ‘Crystal’, Bastion aims to continue leaving their own mark on French touch. Catchy melodic riffs, original beats and a groove that makes you want to move will draw immediate comparisons to early Daft Punk and Justice. But their sound is wholly their own and the silky synths and funky bass lines will you have you dancing in no time and help to create a real live listening experience. Hit play below for an other-worldly sound!

The two Paris based producers started the project in 2015 and immediately garnered praise for their funky melodic remixes of tracks from Christine, Make the Girl Dance and Besnine (among others). Bastion is building a new sound and their name is truly a reflection of their art and varied musical influences – a blend of Rock, Classical music, Funk and Electronic with an eye towards building a future sound.

‘Crystal’ and the Remix EP are both out now via Sexy Brut