EP Premiere: Moglii – ‘Naboo’

German wunderkind producer Moglii releases debut solo ‘Naboo’ EP. Released via Majestic Casual Records, the 7-track is resplendent with throbbing synths and break beats, with Moglii’s debut showing a dexterity and ability to create a truly collaborative collection of songs, which includes elements of classical,pop and electronic music serving to “overcome contradictions and catch attention with unexpected sounds and ideas”.

This EP is a compilation of my influences, and my stylistic and musical expression. Naboo, (a planet in George Lucas “Star Wars”) reflects an ‘organic electronic’ environment, a sonic jungle in a highly developed, technical environment.

After releasing a steady stream of singles this year, the German producer and jazz pianist continues to exhibit his vast grasp on production with what is quickly becoming a signature mix of analogue and electronic elements to create textured, intricate soundscapes.

You can order Naboo here