Erika Lust presents Bruce LaBruce’s erotic comedy ‘The Affairs of Lidia’

Erika Lust presents Bruce LaBruce’s first Lust Cinema feature film ‘The Affairs of Lidia’, set in the capricious world of fashion. After his acclaimed short films for XConfessions, the award-winning Canadian filmmaker is back at Erika Lust Films with an erotic bedroom farce that will hit the fashion fans.

On April 22nd, acclaimed indie erotic adult filmmaker Erika Lust releases on Lust Cinema the original feature film The Affairs of Lidia, written and directed by acclaimed director Bruce LaBruce. This is LaBruce’s first Lust Cinema original explicit film featuring all-star performers Skye Blue, Vanna Bardot, Drew Dixon, Sean Ford, and Markus Kage, with the participation of actor Pascale Drevillon, and produced by Joe Balass.

Lidia (Skye Blue), a fashion model, discovers her husband Michelangelo (Markus Kage), a boxer, is having an affair with Sandro (Drew Dixon), a fashion photographer. She deviously plots her revenge by bedding Sandro and emotionally seducing Sandro’s fashion designer boyfriend Piero (Sean Ford) while subtly manipulating her best friend and mistress, Marthe (Vanna Bardot) into having sex with Sandro as well.

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When Lidia finally manages to invite them all to her loft for a dinner party, along with her friend Xenia (Pascale Drevillon)… all the knots will come to a hot, steamy head.

When Erika Lust approached Bruce LaBruce to make a feature-length porn film, he jumped at the chance. Having already made three 30 minute films for XConfessions – Refugee’s Welcome, Scotch Egg, and Valentine, Pierre & Catalina – this time, he took the opportunity to try something a little more ambitious. LaBruce had always wanted to make a ‘fashion movie’, so he wrote a porn script set against the backdrop (while making some lighthearted satire) of the fashion world. The script of The Affairs of Lidia is a gentle pastiche of fashion, a light comedy, an erotic bedroom farce.

Bruce LaBruce is an internationally acclaimed filmmaker, photographer, writer, and artist based in Toronto. Political, artistic, controversial, sensitive, and confrontational, LaBruce’s films are recognisable in his deep understanding of the human desire for human connection. His erotic cinema is a tool for social commentary, while it also represents a thoroughly personal and private journey that he invites the public to enjoy voyeuristically.

Following Lust Cinema’s philosophy for a new adult cinema made with an ethical production process and inclusive, cinematic values, The Affairs of Lidia is an erotic comedy that will hit fashion fans.