EROTIC by Giovani Ngnoatto

#AnInterview – EROTIC is an ongoing project by artist Giovani Ngnoatto. The body is a constant companion in the various aspects of life, the path to joy, pleasure, sadness and pain. Not just a package, but the wrapping of the soul. It is erotic, it is spiritual and it is beauty. The nude has always been used in an artistic way with the aim of exposing this beauty, from Ancient Greece to modern times, where it became part of the popular expression.

EROTIC represents the body as art, expressing the feeling that is implicit in sex and preaching the freedom to be and to love, with the intention of helping to break the oppression of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals, non-binaries and women. The beauty behind the taboo.

KALTBLUT:  HI Giovanni, could you please tell us a bit more about yourself, what do you do and where do come from?
Giovani: I name is Giovani Ngnoatto, I am Brazilian and 25 years old. I do graphic design and work with fashion in advertising agency. Some people come into conflict with themselves, for they have a great deal of doubt in defining themselves and in fitting into what others expect. However, I never needed to define myself. I seek equality, break down existing paradigms in society that do not let us feel free. The importance of defining ourselves between gay, bisexual, transsexual, I find it unnecessary. So far we have lived in a world where people created rules and had to fit into them. We were forced to choose our sexual orientation. At the moment I am re-evaluating everything I was taught. Turning away from stereotypes, the world and its basic concepts about man and woman. Rebuilding a new society, opening the floodgates that have been oppressing me and restrained, for so long, and let as energies flow. Discovering new lands, pleasures and sculpting new concepts about life.

KALTBLUT: When did you start working on the erotic art project, and what pushed you to do so?
Giovani: I designed it from the beginning of college in 2010. In order to show more ways to explore sexual freedom and nudity. EROTIC, which with its delicate features tries to make people aware of sexual diversity, in addition to discussing taboos in a way erotic.

KALTBLUT: How did you come with the idea this project?
Giovani: We need to break the taboo that exists on gender. EROTIC was created for this purpose, we do not want only beauty, we want to make a difference.

KALTBLUT: Do you work – Illustrate – based on photography or model, or is it imagination?
Giovani: Inspiration always comes from deep research of images and positions. I like harmony and minimalism exists between forms.

KALTBLUT: How has the reaction been so far? The critics?
Giovani: People have always encouraged to continue because most have ideas but are afraid to show and expose their ideas. My philosophy as a designer is to solve problems and everything I create is with this function. We want to break taboos. To make society an egalitarian environment, without discrimination, without judgment. Freedom to be and to love.

KALTLBLUT: What are you working on at the moment?
Giovani: I am evolving EROTIC, trying to make it more than art, but a social project, to help people who suffer prejudices and in some ways as inspiration for overcoming.

Instagram: @ngnoatto
Instagram: @eroticprjct