Espoir. Photography by Eden Gabay

A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial by Eden Gabay. Art Director and Make up by Elad Baron. Models are Daniel Lambert  signed at Passion Managment, Ron Zeidman signed at Passion Managment and Yonatan Kram signed at Brick Models. All Fashion by Maya Cassouto.

Fashion by Maya Cassouto

Eden Gabay / / @eden_gabay

Art Director & Make up
Elad Baron / @elad_baron
Fashion Designer
Maya Cassouto / @maya.cassouto

Daniel Lambert  signed at Passion Managment/@daniel_lambert02
Ron Zeidman signed at Passion Managment /@ron_zeidman
Yonatan Kram signed at Brick Models / @yonti.k

Photography assistant Shalev Ariel