Evenson shines a light on The “Devil Inside”

It’s one thing to say that manipulation of light is one of the most basic principles of any filmmaking, but it’s an entirely different thing to play with light and colour to the point where it becomes another character in your narrative. This much is what we feel Evenson and Director Jacob Rodier so successfully achieved with the music video for his single “DEVIL INSIDE”.

“We wanted to do something different, unorthodox and left of field from what the norm has been in the industry as of late. In order to do so, we wanted to focus on light manipulation, using the presence of light as a tool.  We also incorporated the use of rainbow flares to emphasize the chaotic mess of the character. All in all, we achieved something we’re truly proud of.”

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Starting out with a shimmering opalescent mist seems almost contradictory when your song is called “DEVIL INSIDE”, but then again are the sound and vibe of the track itself. Where judging from the name you’d expect a racy, dark, and edgy production, Evenson instead opted for a sparkly, colourful, and perhaps even optimistic tone all throughout. With this Song, Evenson clearly states his ability to accept to live with the issues affecting his inner world every day, to face hardship, and to do away with all denial and bitterness. “Whether it’s a bad breakup, depression, or even isolation, the ‘devil’ can represent any form of a demon that the listener is living with…” he says, inviting us to accept ourselves fully, including our flaws and issues as part the circumstances that come test us and eventually even define us.

Hot off the heels still after his 2021 breakout single “How Can I sleep”, Evenson seems like he’s answering his own question with this one,  as he admits that he will no longer “Try to fight the Demon inside that’s keeping [him] up at night”, perhaps choosing to channel that energy into the creative fuel he needs for his upcoming debut EP, “Sadly, I  Still Love You,” coming this fall.