Exanimare by Ricarda Funnemann

Ricarda Funnemann is a young photographer from Dortmund, Germany. “Exanimare” shows the difficulties of an anxiety disorder. It explains the symptomatic, the emotions and experiences an ill person’s goes through.



“Exanimare” shows the difficulties of an anxiety disorder. It explains the symptoms, the emotions and focuses on the experiences of a sick person.  In each photo I am showing the different phases such a person goes through. A panic attack begins with the prickling in your body which makes you kind of insecure. Your heartbeat increases untill you can feel it in your throat and you get the feeling of almost fainting.  A few years ago I came across the way panic attacks are like and it’s kind of therapeutic for me. But the main reason for choosing this topic, was the not understanding of the people who surround me. My intensions are to help those who are too afraid or too shy to open themselves up. Talking about your problems is the hardest thing to do because in your eyes most people don’t want to hear about what is going on in your head.”







Photography & Concept by Ricarda Funnemann

Model is Julia Schott
Instagram: @juliamonta

Hair & Make up by Sandra Celik
Instagram: @sandrakraehne