Exclusive Mix: Stevie R

Musician and producer Stevie R makes a welcome return to Chapter 24 Records with his Melt album, in which he showcases a desire to bring back ‘rebetiko’ – the little known, underground ‘blues’ music of his native Greece, music that was often outlawed due to its anti-establishment themes. As its name suggests, Melt is a melting pot of sounds and an intricate journey through the musical cosmos, an enticing and alluring soundscape that captivates the listener and invites them along for the ride. “My album ‘Melt’ is the story of thirteen animals trying to go to space. This mix represents their whole adventure, and I invite you to join the animals on this intimate journey,” says Stevie R. Check out the mix below and pre-order ‘Melt’ coming out 15th March on Chapter 24 Records.

Pre-order Melt { λειῶ } here