Exclusive Mixtape: Baalti

This week’s exclusive mixtape comes from the San Francisco based duo Baalti. The duo have made a name for themselves with their unique way of sampling and paying homage to South East Asian music and making them dance-floor ready. Their warm, nostalgia-laden samples sit within intricate layers of percussion that give their tunes a swampy, crunchy, lo-fi feel. Their eponymous self-titled debut EP showcases their ability to craft playful grooves with lots of energy and flavour.

About the mix, Baalti said: “This is a live performance of original Baalti tracks, some of which we just put on our EP and some of which are unreleased. We make sample-heavy house music that pays homage to various South Asian musical forms that we grew up listening to and loved. Our music tries to join the dots between independently released South Asian music from the 70s and 80s, and contemporary dance music.”

Listen to Baalti’s exclusive mixtape below.

Download Baalti’s debut EP here.

Baalti’s socials:
Instagram: @baalti.mp3
Soundcloud: @baalti
Bandcamp: Baalti
Spotify: Baalti