Exclusive Mixtape: DJ Wasabii

DJ Wasabii, the moniker of Clio Flego, continues our mix series with an uplifting journey through experimental sounds from around the globe. “From Acid Arabic to South American Vibes, the mix has been made dreaming future horizons,” she explains. “Over the timeless days looking at the hills in front of my window && laptop, listening to music, my mind flows among different sounds and images, flashbacks of beautiful unbelievable landscapes, distant explorations, genuine situations and endless dancing – all what is unperceivable in the here and now is still there, beyond the brown trees covering the view ahead.”

Clio Flego is a cultural manager and artistic programmer. Holding an MA in Media Arts Cultures, she is specialised in experimental music, sound art and data visualisation. Clio has cooperated as a creative and critical thinker with Universities and cultural institutions across and outside Europe, among others FACT Liverpool (UK), Art_inkubator (PL), RWM Ràdio Web MACBA (ES), MAH conference – Danube University (AT), RE:SOUND and POM conferences – Aalborg University (DK), EPFL / BBP (CH) and LEONARDO/The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology. She has collaborated in many international festivals and events such as LEM Experimental Music Festival (ES), MMiFF Madeira Micro Film Festival (PT) and KiezSalon with D/B Digital in Berlin (DE). She is an active member of MetaDiapason collective and European Innovator Ambassador for #creativeSHIFT. When at the console she takes the name ‘DJ Wasabii’.

Feature photo: Johan Bergmark / Keychange