Exclusive Mixtape: Edgar Młyńczak

Warsaw-based Edgar Młyńczak joins our mixtape series with his weekend-ready techno mix. “My passion for music was born not too long ago,” explains Edgar. “The pandemic period forced us all to much deeper contemplation and hence I began my adventure with DJing after many hours spent on underground raves. I’ve always had a degree of creativity, that I didn’t know where to pass on. Now I pass creativity in styling and art direction as well as in music. I will start producing music in the near future. Styling and DJing are the two pillars that I am currently focusing on”.


“This mix contains electronic music from 143 to 144bpm, including techno, acid, trance, EBM and alternative. Most of the tracks sound very old school, but there are also some tracks with a fresher sound. The music I play is mostly aggressive rave with lots of vocals, aggression and deep melancholy.”