Exclusive Mixtape: Eva Swan

With the upcoming release of Eva Swan’s ‘Equality’ EP on 26th November via Eva Swan Records, the DJ, producer, model and fashion enthusiast has put together a heavy-hitting selection of songs to pave the way for the weekend. “The mix represents a level of high energy,” she explains. “Balanced between new and old tracks, Belgian and international artists. Focussing on pure raw sounds, high quality production and industrial details.”Eva’s sound encompasses a distinct appreciation for raw music elements. Having appeared on line-ups at venues such as Café d’Anvers, Antwerp and Fuse, Brussels, alongside the likes of I HATE MODELS, Amelie Lens, Deborah De Luca and OXIA, Eva Swan is now ready to make her mark on the scene internationally as she presents her debut EP, ‘Equality’. “This EP represents my personal struggle and my personal victory. I was fighting for my dreams, my values, my freedom. I’m grateful for the journey: finding myself, expressing myself and overcoming my fears. I am the woman who I wanted to be.” – Eva SwanAddressing themes of equality and feminism across both tracks, Eva channels energy from big room, blacked-out booming dancefloor elements to more chilling, industrial feelings; all whilst crafting emotions and perspectives into her productions. With raw elements, her own original vocals and minimalistic arrangements, themes of feminism come through in the looping and semi-haunting vocal of title track ‘Equality’ whilst ‘I Own You’ delivers the message of our individual power which lives in the body and soul.With more music scheduled for 2020, ‘Equality’ marks Eva Swan’s entrance into electronic music. Socials