Exclusive Mixtape + Interview: Len Sander

It’s Friday and we have your mixtape ready to take you into the weekend! Electronic six-piece Len Sander have created a 16 track special, including the likes of Mount Kimbie, Maribou State, Christine and the Queens, Kendrick Lamar and a few tunes of their own. By creating and performing music in different formations, Len Sander explores the musical boundaries of its own creations and offers a wide range of possibilities. In early 2015, their debut album ‘Phantom Garden’ hit blogs and magazines around the world, and now with the recent release of their ‘Saltlick’ EP, the band took some time out to chat to us about their exclusive mix for KALTBLUT. Hit play and read on!

KALTBLUT: So tell us a bit about the mixtape? Why these tracks?
A couple of tracks are from the Saltlick EP, a couple of others are from our friends from Wolfman, Rio and Odd Beholder. Then of course there are some current favourite tracks of ours. The rest are fantastic tracks to combine it all into an exciting mix. We listen to lots of different music all the time, thus just combining all of our favourite tracks in just one hour would have resulted in a rather weird mixtape.

KALTBLUT: Out of curiosity, what makes a song interesting for you?
Without ranking: good songwriting, good voice, good groove, good sounds, good mood, good style, good arrangement. But personally, I don’t analyse too much. Either something touches me in some way or not.

KALTBLUT: What makes it timeless?
Memories coupled with emotions. And the fact that you fall in love with a song over and over again.

KALTBLUT: Are there any timeless tracks on here?
All of them, we hope. There are no hype tracks in the mixtape. Which doesn’t mean that we do not like hype tracks, but it would have resulted into that weird mix mentioned above.

KALTBLUT: Do you think, any of your songs have that timeless sheen?
Yes, all of them. At least that’s what we think. Hopefully, some people agree.

KALTBLUT: You just released an EP, tell us a bit about it…
After we released our debut ‘Phantom Garden’ we felt the need to leave the Garden behind and try new things. We wanted to see how it felt to produce tracks that followed a more classical pop structure. We also experimented with new production methods. In my personal life, there were a lot of changes as well, which of course is reflected in the stories that are told in the lyrics.

KALTBLUT: So what’s next for the ones they call Len Sander?
We are going to play live a lot, which we are really looking forward to. But we are also always in a constant production process. And it’s important to us that we always use our musical experiences to develop our music into new directions. I’m curious and excited to know how this will sound, but we still don’t know.

Len Sander’s ‘Saltlick’ is out now via Mouthwatering Records