Exclusive Mixtape: Jung Latch 

Experimental electronic newcomer and modular obsessive Jung Latch joins our mixtape series after just releasing his debut, the hugely impressive Esoteric EP. Jung Latch is the alias of East London-based composer and sound designer Rupert Galea. Using an array of modular gear, vintage 8-bit samplers, world instruments and his own written algorithms for randomised generative melodies and rhythms, he makes his own distinctive style of avant-garde rave music, playing with intricate sonic collages and underpinning them with hard-hitting breakbeats.

This mix is designed to convey a sense of detachment, for when you’re at your desk at 3 in the morning and thinking about how other people are essentially unknowable. Out of the loneliness, a sense of serenity ensues, because the only person that really needs to know you is you. I hope people listen to the sparseness in this sensory exploration and take comfort in the solitude.

Channelling the freewheeling, frenetic energy and exploratory spirit of electronic artists like Batu, Throwing Snow and early Max Cooper, his debut EP Esoteric combines elements of breakbeat, glitch and electro across four memorable tracks.

Born into an Irish/Maltese family and diagnosed with autism at age 4, Rupert was classically trained in music from an early age, starting with piano and moving onto saxophone, violin, drums, bass and guitar. During his teenage years, Galea developed a fixation on old records by Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream and Enigma that his father used to play, eventually sourcing old analog synths that had seen better days from car boot sales, then taking them apart and re-wiring to experiment with different timbres.

It was when his uncle began taking him to raves that the musician realised the true sonic potential of these machines, and he committed a scholarly amount of research into the sounds and cultures of house, techno. drum and bass and other more leftfield styles of electronica.

Esoteric is out now:linktr.ee/junglatch