Exclusive Mixtape: Käthe&Haes

Knowing each other for quite some time the Munich based DJ Duo Käthe&Haes connected genuinely only after discovering their shared love for vinyl, house music and disco, while one night accidentally ending up flowing through the city’s nightlife together. That’s when they decided on a whim to start bringing their grooves to the dance floor. Through ever-changing rhythms and moments of letting loose, they create spaces of feel-good-camaraderie and musical portals to possible utopias. By breaking up repetitive monotonies and dichotomies of high- and low-brow culture with fun, they aim for moments of ecstasy. Bringing their experiences back to their communities the two have also created the TurnTableTennis event series – an open-decks night where anyone who wants to can try their hand at the decks. With a mix of soul, house and disco Käthe&Haes will keep you on your toes dancing.

For this mix, they decided to start grooving smoothly into the day while slowly bringing up the energy until ending up in classic banging house tunes. Organically, but very carefully compiled in the very moment of its emergence, the mix aims to make you feel good and pleasantly flow. But eventually, everyone’s up to take whatever they want to keep from it. What should last is a mere glimpse of one’s own emotions.